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photo of water hitting a glass of ice

Don’t grab that glass of water! It’s way too cold and it’s winter, why drink it? Most of America is obsessed with any sort of cold beverage. Although you may be tempted to quench your thirst with a cold drink, and 79% of people agree with you that drinking ice cold water feels good, the question arises if it’s beneficial to your health. 

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Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie vs Concert: Which was better?

Taylor Swift -one of society’s most beloved singer-songwriters - has had an incredibly successful and busy year. With the release of her newest albums Midnights, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), and 1989 (Taylor’s Version), the start of her well-known and sold out tour - The Eras Tour -, she recently released an entire movie in theaters about The Eras Tour.

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My Central Experience

By Lucy Johnston '27

As someone who went to the same small school from kindergarten through eighth grade, I never had much school spirit and I assumed Central Catholic was just another ordinary school. Little did I know that Central would quickly prove me wrong.  

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Photo of the night sky.

By Brooke Hillis '26

The Catastrophe of Light Pollution

According to the International Dark Sky Association, “Light pollution is a side effect of industrial civilization. Its sources include building exterior and interior lighting, advertising, commercial properties, offices, factories, streetlights, and illuminated sporting venues.” Due to this pollution natural life cycles are inhibited and space observation is hindered.

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Moments in Pop Culture that Defined the Summer of 2023

By Cihara Mathieu '26

When you close your eyes and think of this summer, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the Barbie vs Oppenheimer debate? The Summer I Turned Pretty watch parties? Doja Cat going absolutely ballistic and losing half of her fanbase? The multiple hit albums and singles released from June to August? Spiderman: Across The Spider-verse dominating cinemas for weeks on end?

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Frivolous Forces

By Kayla Pham '26

Welcome Raiders and all who are new in our community! Central Catholic cannot contain their excitement: we missed you all so much that they just couldn't wait to have you back. In fact, we missed you so much that we've already scheduled your very first detention for being late! But don't worry, it's all in the Raider spirit of 'punctuality appreciation.'

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